The Bridal Guide

You are the centre of attention on your beautiful day… What you wear underneath your clothes not only affects how you feel about yourself - and your body’s comfort - but also how your dress fits on the day of your wedding. Here at Abigail Walker Lingerie, we’ve got you covered…

Alongside bridal sets, we offer bespoke, exclusive bridal packages that will enhance your bridal experience! We want to make your big day memorable. What is more memorable than having a bespoke lingerie set. Whether that is lingerie is for the big day itself or a sexy piece for the honeymoon, we can make your lingerie dreams come true! 
Bespoke package one
This package has four exclusive features. To begin, we will have a one-on-one consultation (over zoom) where we can discuss your designs, inspiration and fabrics. If you already have your dress, we can consider the style and discuss what would work best with the fit. Is it silky? Structured? Loose and flowy? Sleeves or Strapless? Plunging back? 
Once you’ve decided on a design, we will handmake the bespoke lingerie set ready for your special day. We also provide an exclusive matching garter and scrunchy, a gorgeous addition to your lingerie looks and a wedding staple! 
Price £180. Sizing XXS-XXXXL + Custom sizing options!
Bespoke package Two
Our second package has all the features of package one plus extras! In addition to discussing your design and creating your bespoke lingerie set, we’ll provide you with nightwear. You’ll be able to choose from our nightwear range which includes gorgeous 2-piece sets and sexy Babydoll slips. Your bridal party will also benefit as this package comes with matching scrunchies for all of you!
Price £180. Sizing XXS-XXXXL + Custom sizing options!
Bespoke package Three
Our most prestige package combines the features from both packages with additional attractive factors. Once your design has been decided upon and provided by us, we’ll also supply you with an exclusive robe, an essential for the morning of your wedding. This is alongside your marching garter, nightwear set of your choice and matching bridal party scrunchies! This package is the ultimate bridal experience. 
Price £220. Sizing XXS-XXXXL + Custom sizing options!

Please note that if the fabric you want is expensive there may be surcharges. If you'd like to discuss this before purchasing the package, please email us on-
Written by Hannah Mason