International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th and is all about the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This day celebrates the achievements and courage of women who have played a huge role throughout history, calling out inequality, and aims to break down glass ceilings for a gender-equal world. It’s a time to reflect on how far we’ve come, whilst looking forward and calling out for change. 
Here at Abigail Walker Lingerie, we are celebrating International Women's Day by praising the women who inspire us, women who have fought for change and have broken down social norms to challenge the world we live in today.  
Who: Emmeline Pankhurst
Why she inspires us: Emmeline Pankhurst was a British political activist who organised the suffragette movement and helping women win the right to vote. Emmeline Pankhurst never thought one voice was too small to be heard and never failed to show up when something was important to her. She inspires us as she took strength from those who doubted her and set a huge example for female activists to come.

Who: Amika George

Why she inspires us: Amika George is a perfect example of why young minds are so important when it comes to shaping the future. Amika George is a young British activist who campaigns against period poverty. At just 17 years old Amika George launched Free Periods in 2017, this campaign put in a demand for free sanitary products. George campaigned tirelessly for years until 2019 when the British government announced that secondary schools in England would receive funding to provide sanitary products free-of-charge to students.

Who: Coco Chanel

Why she inspires us: Coco Chanel went against the 1900s norm of ‘how to be a woman’. It all started when Chanel scrapped the corset and aimed to inspire women to live comfortably and freely. Thanks to Coco Chanel’s career, she helped the creation of fashion, she influenced the change and evolution that we see continuing to grow to this day.

Who: Whitney Wolfe Herd

Why she inspires us: Despite her poor experience with her previous business partners, Whitney Wolfe Herd didn’t give up. Herd went on to create a billion-dollar competitor to her previous business in the dating space and became the youngest female CEO to lead a company to an IPO. In 2014 Herd launched Bumble, which empowers women to make the first move both in love and business. Whitney Wolfe Herd is a huge inspiration to anyone who has experienced setbacks, inspiring others to work their way to the top. 

Who: Rosa Parks

Why she inspires us: Rosa Park’s refusal to give up her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus helped initiate the civil rights movement. Her bravery lead to nationwide efforts to end racial segregation, changing how America viewed black people and redirected the course of history. Rosa Parks is a huge example of courage, dignity, determination, and a symbol to all to be free.

Who: Oprah Winfrey

Why she inspires us: Oprah Winfrey is the definition of an ambitious, self-driven woman that many of us aspire to become. Born into rural poverty, Oprah is now the first African-American woman to own her own production company. She’s an inspiration for many, breaking down boundaries in a male-dominated industry and paving the way for many women to follow in her footsteps.




The theme of IWD this year is #ChooseToChallenge. It’s all about coming together to choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. 

Here’s a little to-do list for you to do this International Women’s Day:

Firstly take time to learn about inspirational women throughout history and in the present day. Take this time to recognise their achievements and the struggles they’ve gone through to make a difference in the world we see today.

Secondly, strike the Choose to Challenge pose and share on your social media pages using the hashtags #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 to encourage others and show your involvement in the campaign.

Thirdly celebrate yourself and the wonderful women around you. Take some time out of your day to show your mum, sister, girlfriends, whoever it may be some appreciation for everything they do.

However you celebrate this year, remember that being a woman is your superpower. Be kind to yourself today and every day. 

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