Bespoke lingerie, body positivity, and everything in between!

What is bespoke lingerie? How do we promote body positivity? and where did Abigail Walker Lingerie come from? If these aren't questions you've ever asked yourself, they are now! So pop the kettle on and get ready for an education on all things bras, boobs and more! 
Abigail Walker started out in 2019, at Cardiff Metropolitan University. This is where the brand idea started. During my time studying fashion design, I really got a feel for what women wanted and needed and knew that my passion lay in lingerie (Seriously, I used to spend far too much time browsing Boux Avenue). I started the business part-time in my second year of university and based my graduate catwalk collection on my business. I used the catwalk collection designs as the base to officially launch my business in lockdown 2020 (I know madness!).
Since then, Abigail Walker Lingerie has grown into a luxury, unique and sustainable lingerie business, designing new and feminine pieces for all body shapes and sizes. 
What’s the story behind the lace and thongs then? 
As the first thing we put on each morning, and the last thing that we take off at night, lingerie is a big part of our wardrobes. We’ve all been there, where finding a bra or lingerie set that fits and is COMFORTABLE can sometimes feel like an impossible mission right? This is why handmade lingerie was my direction to introduce good quality, empowering, inclusive lingerie, that’s also sustainably made in the UK. A bra that you’re not desperate to take off after a long day was the aim, and a story for a different day (no, really, stay tuned for our blog on this!).
The main reason behind starting Abigail Walker Lingerie, well I could see what was missing, and that was to empower women through lingerie. I wanted to change the preconceived ‘over-sexualised’ view of lingerie and bring back the confidence and power that it gives you. Nobody wants to wear an ill-fitting bra, which simply isn’t comfortable. Or, if you find a comfortable bra, they are triple the cost and not always designed to be ‘sexy’. I knew if I couldn’t find the best for me, I would just make it myself! 
There is nothing more satisfying than lingerie shopping if done right. For some of us, finding the perfect fit and right choice can be difficult with size issues and the lack of variety. But, that’s because we’re trying to fit our bodies into rigid pre-made sizes closest to our needs - why have a close fit when you can have a perfect fit? 
Custom sizing at no extra cost...and no, it's not too good to be true!
One of our key thoughts when starting this business was that the “one size fits all” approach was not the route that I was going to go down. Why shouldn’t anyone be able to get their favourite lingerie set in their specific bra and brief size? Our ‘custom size’ option can be selected on the product page, where you will then be able to add your measurements at the checkout within the notes section. We even use thicker elastic for the under-bust band and straps, to add further support for bigger busts, whilst still keeping that non-underwired comfort. This was so important to me, to ensure that we provide this option to make lingerie specifically to your sizing, with no extra cost! 
Our handmade lingerie is designed with the female figure in mind, to make sure all pieces fit you to perfection, and better yet, it’s sustainably made! Most of our products are made-to-order to reduce wastage. Our orders also come from our bespoke lingerie/custom sizing offering, allowing us to make the products specifically for our customers. Therefore, we do not end with a surplus of stock that ultimately goes to waste. I know that there is still a long way to go with this, and there’s no such thing as perfection when it comes to sustainability, but it’s been a journey for me, and one that I will continuously strive towards. 
If you’re going to take anything from this blog, wear the lingerie for YOU. Go and get that set that you’ve been eyeing up, support smaller businesses that have you and your body in mind, and wear that lingerie freely!  
If you would like to know more about our bespoke lingerie, take a look at our guide on how to measure yourself and get in touch with us today!
Stay tuned for our next blog for all things female empowerment, how to love your body and more updates!
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